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How long are the sessions and how many sessions will I need to attend?

Sessions are 50 minutes in duration. The number and frequency of sessions is dependent upon a number of factors including the severity of the issue, whether there are concurrent issues and how ready and willing you are to engage in therapy. All of this will be discussed with you during your sessions. It is usually a good idea to give yourself a few sessions to 'settle in' with a therapist.

Where are you located and do I have to pay for parking?

I am located at suite 4 / 5 Colin Street, West Perth. Just on the edge of kings park in the charming 100 year old Amity building. There are private waiting room and toilet facilities in the suite. There is paid street parking directly in front of the building on Colin street and on Colin Grove Street. If you have time for a short walk, then free parking available near by at kings park. 

What happens during my first session? Do I need to bring anything?

During your first session we will spend time discussing your current problems and I will ask you some questions about your past issues and family supports. It is quite common for people to be emotional during an initial session as feelings about your presenting problems can be raw at this time.  It might be advisable to plan your appointment time so you are not going to work or an important event immediately afterwards. Please bring your GP referral and mental health care plan with you if you are wanting to claim the medicare rebate.

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I am located in the charming 100 year old Amity building in West Perth. Please feel free to browse through the suite images below.

Suite 4/ 5 Colin Street
West Perth

Call Casey:

0430 211 877

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